LANXESS Releases Sustainable Product Portfolio

On May 19th, LANXESS announced the launch of a combination of polyols and oxidation products, further expanding its product base with a lower carbon footprint.

Stephan Deutsch, global head of the business line for LANXESS Polyols and Oxidation Products (POP), stated that the company’s high-quality industrial intermediates business unit can now provide sustainable solutions for approximately 80% of its POP products. Out of the 9 products under this business unit, 7 have successfully completed the Scopeblue certification within LANXESS, and other products will soon follow up on this process.

Deutsch, for example, stated that the new sustainable product TMP Scopeblue uses approximately 54% bio based n-butanal produced from biogas and ensures its performance is consistent with conventional products. The production of adipic acid and 1,6-hexanediol products is based on bio based or bio cyclic cyclohexane. The carbon footprint level of these products is significantly better than that of products produced using conventional methods. LANXESS is committed to upgrading more raw materials to green ones. Deutsch also stated that Longsheng sees great potential in the POP markets in Asia and the United States, where competitors have not yet provided any green alternative solutions in their product portfolios. LANXESS looks forward to taking a step forward in the field of sustainable development.

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