SABIC Releases Cosmetic Packaging Products

On May 23rd, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) announced that it will collaborate with cosmetics manufacturer Stella McCartney Beauty and three other well-known French plastic processors Texen, Leygatech, and STTP Emballage to create innovative skin and eye care product refill containers using SABIC’s exclusive renewable polymers. This product has been launched in the North American and UK markets.

Abdullah Al Otaibi, General Manager of SABIC Thermoplastic Engineering Plastics and Market Solutions, stated: The launch of this innovative product means that SABIC has taken an important step in converting traditional cosmetics and skincare packaging into completely sustainable alternative materials. In addition, it also demonstrates that using SABIC certified renewable polymers can accelerate the transition to sustainable materials through efficient direct conversion solutions without affecting the processability, quality, or convenience of the materials, “Al Otaibi said, Compared with similar native products, producing 1 kilogram of SABIC bio based resin can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an average of about 4 kilograms.

The new supplementary packaging container adopts three types of SABIC polyolefin resin products, with a total renewable raw material content of up to 90% certified by quality balance, fully in line with the pure vegetable care brand concept of cosmetics manufacturers. In addition, once the container reaches its service life, the material can be recycled through existing polyolefin recycling technology.

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