Established in 2010

Merlinchem has specialized in the field of trading general chemicals for decades. In line with the rapid growth and development in China, the requirement for chemical goods used in almost every production processes, either for large-scale factories or in home industries, is also increased. This situation will invariably make an opportunity to forge ahead in the trade of general chemicals.

Followed by hard work and high spirit to achieve progress and seize the existing opportunity, as well as in providing the best service to customers, Merlinchem could not only survive but grow rapidly as a trading house of general chemicals. Merlinchem today is able to connect all Asian resources, in consideration of perspectives including quality, reputation, cost and lead time. Merlinchem will be able to become your one-stop solution provider, providing fast, outstanding quality and relatively good priced chemicals at the same time.

As one of the private company groups who has obtained the challenge of undertaking business in China, we, Merlinchem try to further raise our performance professionalism and technology to offer our utmost service to our business partners and customers in particular, and to support the country development in general.


We aim for our activities to contribute to a more just, equal, and inclusive society, where we continuously improve our environmental impact on the journey to a net zero, circular economy.


The company persist the principal of quality first, honoring contract and abiding by promises doing business and established a streamline service system of good sources, transportation, storage and documentation and to provide perfect services to customers.