The Canadian Green Hydrogen Project adopts Topso technology

Recently, Topso and World Energy GH2 reached an agreement to jointly provide Topso’s dynamic green ammonia synthesis technology for the Nujio’qonik project, Canada’s largest green hydrogen project.

The green hydrogen project is located in the St. George’s Bay area of Newfoundland Labrador, Canada. In the spring of 2022, World Energy GH2 announced plans to invest $12 billion in the project to produce green hydrogen, thereby promoting decarbonization in areas that are difficult to reduce emissions globally. After the completion of this project, on-site wind energy will be utilized for production. It is expected to start producing green hydrogen in 2025 and supply 250000 tons of green hydrogen annually to the global market.

Topso stated that the project will use Topso’s dynamic ammonia synthesis technology for on-site ammonia production. Green hydrogen and green ammonia belong to Power to X technology and are key factors driving energy transformation. Sundus Cordelia Ramli, Chief Commercial Officer of Topso Power to X, said, “Large scale projects like Nujio’qonik can provide renewable fuels and chemicals to drive decarbonization in areas that are difficult to reduce emissions, such as steel, aviation, and shipping. Globally, we need more commercial chemical plants, and the World Energy GH2 project proves that this is feasible

John Risley, Chairman of World Energy GH2, said, “The Nujio’qonik project is one of the first large-scale projects in Canada to enter the market using wind power to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia. It is also a key cornerstone of the agreement between Canada and Germany to promote green hydrogen production before 2025. After rigorous analysis, we are pleased to have chosen Topso’s proven advanced technology.”

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