INES: Germany still faces the risk of natural gas shortage

Recently, the German natural gas storage operator group IINES stated in its August natural gas update report that unless measures are taken to increase liquefied natural gas terminals, additional natural gas storage capacity, or pipelines, Germany will continue to face the risk of natural gas shortages until the winter of 2026/2027.

Sebastian Bleschke, the head of INES, believes that the structural decline in natural gas consumption in Germany will not occur earlier than 2026/2027. Prior to this, Germany should not only consider increasing liquefied natural gas terminals, but also consider increasing natural gas storage capacity or pipeline connections to improve its supply security. Bleschke stated that Germany will definitely need liquefied natural gas terminals in the upcoming winter and the following winter.

Earlier this week, one of Germany’s largest utility companies, E.ON, warned that despite a clear calm in the energy market and a significant drop in wholesale natural gas prices, Europe could still face a surge in natural gas prices this winter if there is a sudden shortage of supply and temperatures fall below normal. The CEO of the company, Bernbaum, stated that the structural changes caused by geopolitical conflicts and a decrease in natural gas supply to Europe will continue, so the crisis is not over yet.

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