China National Chemical Overseas Company: Revitalizing Waste Plastics

A newly released set of data shows that only 10% of disposable plastic products worldwide are recycled annually, about 12% are burned, and over 70% are discarded in the soil and ocean. However, these discarded plastic products have great resource potential and development space. Multiple overseas companies under China National Chemical Corporation, including Klaus Maffei, Pirelli, and ELIX Polymers, are committed to achieving resource recycling and sustainable development through technological innovation, and have developed a series of new environmental protection technologies to revitalize waste plastics and recyclable materials.

Klaus Maffe – Transforming Marine Garbage into Building Materials

Klaus Maffei, a subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation, closely cooperates with Oldroyd, a leading waterproof material and solution supplier in northern Europe. With Klaus Maffei’s CX series injection molding equipment and technology process, we develop and produce waterproof membrane support structure fasteners for tunnel construction, with raw materials sourced from the recycling of damaged fishing nets and plastic ropes and other marine plastic waste.

Waterproof membrane is an indispensable structural layer in tunnel construction. During the construction process, a grid shaped, flexible, and elastic structural fixed component cushion layer needs to be laid between the tunnel rock layer and the waterproof membrane. Its traditional raw material is metal, with a maximum lifespan of only about 50 years. However, using Claus Maffei injection molding technology and CX 160 750 hydraulic injection molding machine equipment, Oldroyd has successfully developed a new structural component product called RoadStar, which is made of thermoplastic elastic plastic and polyethylene. It not only has high sealing performance and strong impact resistance, but also has a lifespan of up to 120 years.

It is worth mentioning that the plastic raw materials for this new structural component come from marine plastic waste such as damaged fishing nets and plastic ropes collected from the Norwegian coast, which are crushed, cleaned, and re granulated, and have good economic and social benefits.

Pirelli – Using Rice Hull Extract to Create Prototype Fetuses

Pirelli prototype tires made from renewable and recyclable materials recently debuted at the 2023CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

In order to reduce environmental impact and reduce the use of fossil derived materials, Pirelli R&D personnel continue to conduct in-depth research. The prototype tire on this exhibition shows the latest research and development results of Pirelli. In the manufacturing process, the tire widely uses natural rubber and rayon certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), silica extracted from rice husks, biopolymers and recycled carbon black.

The world’s first FSC certified tire was from Pirelli. The full process certification of the FSC regulatory chain distinguishes materials that have obtained forest certification from other materials, covering the entire supply chain from plantations to tire manufacturers.

ELIX Polymers – Develop 3D printed prosthetic raw materials

At the end of 2022, ELIX Polymers, a subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation, and Ay ú dame3D, a non-profit organization in Spain, jointly launched a social care technology project to design and manufacture a 3D printed arm called Tr é sdesis for disabled individuals using recycled acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS) resin as the raw material for 3D printed prosthetics.

ELIX Polymers has long adhered to the use of advanced environmental protection technology in the production and manufacturing process, launched the green environmental protection brand E-LOOP, and created products based on recycled waste plastics and renewable resources, providing sustainable solutions for high-end application scenarios, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water intensity. At present, the E-LOOP environmental protection brand has launched two recycled ABS resin products, E-LOOP H801 and E-LOOP M220, which have been verified by customers in the automotive and toy industries.

E-LOOP H801 is an ABS and polycarbonate composite resin used in the automotive market, with high heat resistance characteristics, suitable for making various large car interior and exterior decorations. It is made of mechanically recycled materials while retaining the same product performance as standard products. At present, this product has obtained multiple OEM certifications in the automotive application market and will be used for automotive exterior paint parts and pre colored interior applications, such as door panel trim strips, car center armrests, glove boxes, and other products.

E-LOOP M220 is an ABS resin product that can be applied to daily necessities, cosmetics, children’s building blocks, and other fields. It is produced using chemical recycled materials that have passed international sustainable development and carbon certification (ISCC Plus), and has high flowability. The resulting product has high glossiness, inheriting the excellent performance of the original product.

Transforming waste plastics and recyclable materials into treasures has always been China National Chemical Corporation’s vision, and it has also enabled China National Chemical Corporation to achieve a win-win situation of social responsibility and economic benefits. In the future, China National Chemical Corporation will continue to lead high-quality development with green and low-carbon technologies, fully utilize advanced science and technology and innovative solutions, and continue to promote green, low-carbon, and sustainable development.

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