What is isopropanol?

Iso-propyl alcohol (IPA), also known as dimethyl methanol, 2-propanol, also known as IPA, is an organic compound. It exists in liquid form at normal temperature, colorless and transparent, and its smell is similar to ethanol (commonly known as alcohol). Its chemical structure formula is C3H8O, relative molecular weight is 60.095, Cas No. 67-63-0, melting point (flash point 11.7 ℃). According to the data, isopropanol can be mixed with ethanol, ether, chloroform and water, and can dissolve various organic substances and some inorganic substances such as rosin, alkaloid, synthetic resin, rubber, shellac, etc., but not soluble in salt solution. Isopropanol is a low-toxic and flammable substance, which forms an azeotrope with water and can be burned at normal temperature. Its vapor and air are easy to form an explosive mixture, and its toxicity is about twice that of ethanol.

Isopropanol has similar physiological effects on human body as ethanol. Although it is not as toxic, anesthetic and irritating to upper respiratory mucosa as propanol, it is stronger than ethanol. It will hardly remain in the body, and its bactericidal ability is 2 times stronger than that of ethanol. As an organic solvent, isopropanol is widely used in the fields of printing ink and coating. In the electronic industry, isopropanol is mainly used to clean oil stains; As a chemical raw material, isopropanol can be used to produce methyl isobutyl ketone, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, isopropylamine, diisobutyl ketone, isopropyl chloride, isopropyl ether, isopropyl fatty acid and isopropyl chloride fatty acid; In fine chemicals, it can be used to produce triisopropyl phosphite, aluminum isopropoxide, isopropyl xanthate, isopropyl nitrate, etc. Sometimes it can be used as part of pharmaceutical raw materials or pesticide raw materials, also can be used to produce diisopropyl acetone, isopropyl acetate and thymol, and also can be used as additives for blended gasoline, cleaner, antifreeze, fixing agent for printing and dyeing industry, dispersant for pigment production Antifogging agent for glass and transparent plastic, etc.

Isopropanol is so widely used that it is often used in scientific research.

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