Successful application of Clariant’s new ammonia catalyst

On June 27, Clariant announced that the new AmoMax Casale catalyst jointly developed by the company and Kasari had been successfully used in Nutrien’s factory in Trinidad and Tobago, Meisheng’s factory in Louisiana and Yara Holland.

Han Jie’an, Global Vice President of Syngas and Fuel Business Unit of Clariant Catalyst Business Unit, said: “Ammonia will play an important role in the future hydrogen energy ecosystem, and the high catalytic activity and energy efficiency of ammonia catalyst is crucial to accelerate the realization of net zero emissions. AmoMax Casale will also play a decisive role in promoting energy transformation.”

It is reported that AmoMax Casale has carried out customized improvement research and development on the basis of Clariant’s highly recognized AmoMax 10 catalyst. AmoMax 10 has a successful operation performance of over 120 devices worldwide. The new AmoMax Casale has been specially optimized for the reactor design of Casali, and its efficiency index has been further improved compared to AmoMax 10, with a maximum of 30%. In 2021, the AmoMax Casale catalyst achieved commercial operation for the first time in the Nutrien ammonia synthesis plant in Trinidad and Tobago. At present, the factory has achieved an annual energy cost savings of about 500000 US dollars and an annual reduction of 4700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. AmoMax Casale’s second customer is the Meisheng factory in Louisiana, USA. The customer’s synthetic ammonia plant has achieved significant results after renovation, with a decrease in operating pressure of about 12% and an increase in ammonia concentration at the reactor outlet of about 9%, reflecting the excellent performance of the catalyst and the new reactor.

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