Solvay Launches Biodegradable Polymers

Recently, Solvay announced the launch of the Naternal brand of the bio based Biodegradable polymer product series, which is used to create customized hair beauty and skin care solutions.

Naternal is a Biodegradable polymer produced with guar gum and other natural materials, which is suitable for beauty care formulas. Solvay stated that the product lays the technological foundation for future process innovation, meeting consumer expectations and upcoming regulatory requirements.

Jean Guy Le Helloco, Vice President of Solvay’s Home and Beauty Products Business, said, “The launch of Natural highlights Solvay’s long-term commitment to sustainable development and ushers in a new era of achieving good balance in agricultural communities

Galder Cristobal, Director of Research and Innovation for Solvay Home and Beauty Products, added: “The beauty industry is at the beginning of the transformation of Green chemistry, and biodegradability is one of the most urgent challenges that the industry needs to solve. Solvay’s long-term commitment and practice of the concept of responsible care help customers to develop a new generation of biodegradable hair and skin care products with ease, while fully protecting the health of consumers and the global environment.”

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