Saudi Arabia plans to promote clean energy production

On January 30, Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Abdul-Aziz bin Salman said in Cairo that the country would invest 1 trillion Saudi Riyals to produce “clean energy”. He said that Saudi Arabia is determined to become a major exporter of hydrogen and provide clean hydrogen for local heavy industry, and produce green steel, green aluminum, green fertilizer and other products at competitive prices. The huge investment also includes the expansion of Saudi Arabia’s power transmission lines and distribution network, aimed at exporting energy to the world and producing clean hydrogen.

Aziz bin Salman said that at present, Saudi Arabia is still significantly increasing the supply of oil and natural gas and is trying to double the size of the main natural gas network. At the same time, the country will also accelerate the construction of facilities for converting oil and gas into chemicals to increase the production of petrochemical raw materials.

In order to become a major producer and seller of clean hydrogen, Saudi Arabia has launched several projects in recent years. Saudi Arabia announced that the development of renewable energy is one of their ways to promote economic diversification. It plans to meet half of the domestic energy demand through renewable energy by 2030.


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