Morita Chemical Improves the Process of China’s Lithium Phosphate Factory

Recently, Morita Chemical stated that the company will strengthen its battery materials business globally. Among them, in China, the company optimized production costs by improving processes at two factories in Jiangsu Province. The company will also build a new factory in Southeast Asia, with plans to start production in 2026. The company’s executive director, Hiroyo Hori, stated that the company’s goal is to steadily occupy a 40% market share in the high-end battery material market.

It is reported that Morita Chemical built a factory in Zhangjiagang in 2004 and Taixing built a second factory in 2017, both producing Lithium hexafluorophosphate. About 70% of the products from the two factories are used for export. With the increasing demand of Chinese consumers for electric vehicles, the demand for Lithium hexafluorophosphate is expected to be boosted in the future. The company will carry out process improvement in two factories in Jiangsu Province. The new process has been tested, and Morita Chemical will improve production efficiency through automation, redistribute the proportion of raw materials, and strive to reduce costs.

In addition, the company plans to supply its new Southeast Asian factory to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and India. The factory address will be determined within this fiscal year, and construction is planned to begin in the next fiscal year.

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