Huntsman Developing New Applications for Polyether Amines

On April 6th, Huntsman Group announced the launch of ELASTAMINE polyether amine for new uses in various plastic fields, including for creating nylon elastomers with unique material properties.

It is reported that in the production of nylon elastomers, the addition of Huntsman ELASTAMINE RE and RT series polyether amines can significantly improve elasticity, flexibility, impact strength, hydrophilicity, and low-temperature performance. Therefore, it has received close attention from special material developers, allowing modified nylon elastomers to play a unique advantage in the market fields of automobiles, footwear, textiles, sports, and medical materials. In addition, ELASTAMINE RE and RT polyether amine can also be used as functional additives, such as antistatic agent and toughening agent, for plastic modification.

Wu Min, Director of R&D for the Asia Pacific region of the Huntsman Functional Products Division, said, “Although the benefits of using Huntsman ELASTAMINE polyether amine for modifying nylon elastomers are widely known, this product and technology can also be applied to other plastic products such as fibers, films, membranes, and molded parts, helping to improve material performance, Huntsman will showcase this innovative product series and its application examples at the upcoming China International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition, and looks forward to exploring new application areas with participating plastic manufacturers.

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