Evant and BASF jointly develop color high-performance polymers

On June 26, Evant announced that it had reached cooperation with BASF to supply color Ultrason high-performance polymers to the global market. These color polymers use BASF Ultrason poly (aryl ether sulfone) (PAES) as the base material, combined with the professional technology of Evergrande Colorant Chromatics high-temperature color formula.

It is reported that the results of this cooperation will bring significant advantages to customers in industries such as home and catering, electronics and electrical, and healthcare, providing comprehensive technical support from basic polymers to final colored products. Customers can respond to trend designs faster, meet technical requirements and color standards, and thus accelerate the speed of product launch. The color Ultrason product series can also be used to create high-quality, fashionable, and reusable home and dining products, providing a more sustainable lifestyle. Consumers can reuse these products repeatedly, and their performance and design elements can still be maintained to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, these products can better support the circular economy and reduce packaging waste in traditional catering models.

Anne Hippert, General Manager of the Corolla Color Division at Everett, stated: “The requirements of the market for high-performance color polymers are very clear, and enterprises must respond quickly to customer needs and flexibly supply the required color materials. Through this cooperation, Evante’s professional colorants and BASF’s high-quality base materials can bring customers the best of both worlds solution. We are committed to bringing innovative PAES products to the market to meet the color challenges of families, food and other industries.”

It is reported that Evant and BASF have a long history of cooperation in the field of PAES. Through this collaboration, the two companies can help shorten product delivery cycles, meet more flexible order demands, and serve different industries.

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