Combustible ice

Flammable ice not only has a huge storage capacity, but also is efficient, clean, and has high combustion value. So what can this green and clean energy do?

Combustible ice is a solid compound that combines natural gas and water. From its appearance, combustible ice looks like white or light gray crystals of ice and snow. If there is an ignition source at this time, it can be ignited like solid alcohol, so it is called “combustible ice”. Due to the presence of a large amount of combustible gases such as methane, it is highly flammable. Under the same conditions, the energy generated by the combustion of combustible ice is dozens of times more than that of coal, oil, and natural gas.

The biggest characteristic of combustible ice is its high energy density. It occupies a small volume but contains a large amount of energy. For example, if a car using natural gas as fuel can run 300 kilometers by adding 100 liters of natural gas at a time, then adding the same volume of combustible ice can make the car run 50000 kilometers.

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